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Avoid being scammed when buying online ads

Pay per click and/or impressions

This is the most common way to pay for online advertising. But it has a very great disadvantage!

On the internet there are companies running programs, which pays users to click on ads. They even have a word for that "incentive click". That means that the clicks you pay for are 100% worthless, because the only reason they are clicked, is that people are paid to do so - not because they are interested in your products or your business!

Location Based Advertising - gives you value for money - without fraud!

  • You pay a flat rate, and very low subscription each month, no matter how many clicks/impressions your ads get
  • You can post as many ads you like - without extra costs
  • Our clicks come from our mobile app, meaning that clicks is only generated when people are near your business and interested in your ad

Trees do not grow into the sky - not even when you go online or mobile

You will NOT get billions, and perhaps not even tens of thousands of clicks on your ad - but the ones you'll get will be real and, in lack of a better word, "incentive click" - BUT and there's a big BUT – they will be “incentive click” because the customers are interested in your ad.

Do not take our word for granted!

We will give you 30 days for free - without obligations at all!

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